Design Studio

design4.jpgAt OnTarget our number one priority is our clients.  By partnering with over a dozen of the finest manufacturers in their respective industries, allows us to customize unique solutions eliminating the need to purchase from just one manufacturer.  What sets us aside from other distributors is our unique approach to how we do business.  We are familiar with and follow  LEED and ADA best practices. Our in-house CAD design team creates the ability for the client to initiate design changes quickly & effectively allowing all participants to visualize the solution, ultimately saving time and money and getting the project completed as quickly as possible.  By following four easy steps OTI ensures a smooth process from beginning to end.

1. Fact Finding: Determining Customer Needs and Goals
    OTI works with each client to find out the primary project objectives.

2. Project Budget 

    Many clients aren't sure where to begin with a budget.  OTI can help create a template to ensure an affordable solution.
3. Design & Approval 
    OTI's design team will work in tandem with each client to assure 100% satisfaction before we ship any furnishings.

4. Implementation
    OTI stands behind their work and sees each project through until 100% completion.

Beyond our walls, our partnership with many award winning interior designers and architects throughout North America enables us to expand our project management portfolio deliverance from one business location to over 400 locations.  From some of the largest corporations to the most intimate venues in North America, OTI has been a leading supplier.  

Contact us to see how we can develop a partnership with your organization.