What in the world is public guidance? (And what should we do about it)

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The definition. 

black-friday-queue-management-1.jpgPublic Guidance. What is the dictionary term for it? Well, there isn't one actually. Dictionary.com comes up empty-handed, because generally speaking, clients can't put their finger on exactly what it is they are looking for. It's a gray area that causes bewilderment of what is needed and where to even begin. Public Guidance, in most cases is exactly how it's read. It gives direction (err, guidance) to the public. This is fitting in all industries, in any application, with the intention on creating ingress (in) egress (out) flow. If you say “queue line management” everyone in the room will inadvertently give you a look of sheer confusion. And this is where OTI comes in. Our professional staff makes it their life’s mission to understand your line management needs and relay it back with a concept you can understand and visualize. Ultimately, we take empty spaces and create a solution that just makes sense. There are countless options available to keep any crowd under control. Whether its retractable belt stanchions, posts & rope, barricades, signage (digital & print) or even cloud based solutions of finding on your smart phone & tablet, there really is a fix for everyone. Who knew?

The cultivation. 

The industry itself was really created when one man created a retractable belt stanchion that revolutionized the industry (kudos to Tensabarrier). This allowed for a safe, appealing product (that was unprecedented of the time), to direct customers in public settings. This is most apparent in the airline industry where you walk through a maze going through ticketing or security at the airport. The stanchion industry saw more and more spin- offs of this initial product. It ultimately depends on your application and budget, but nevertheless, there is a suitable system that can be designed to create that ingress egress that was mentioned earlier. No matter the location, indoor versus outdoor, a stadium versus a bank, there’s no problem that we can’t handle. OTI partners with a vast range of manufacturers to ensure that we are leaving no stone unturned, so we’ve got you covered. Stanchion & rope offer the same principle as the original belt design, but with more elegant features and embellishments for a more traditional look that you’d see in theaters, museums, hotels, casinos and even VIP areas. Plastic stanchion and chain also offer the same principle, but offer a more budget friendly solution that achieves the same goal. Acting as a Band-Aid, this is typically a quick fix and not a permanent solution.

Many venues are well suited for plastic chains including fairs, concessions, outdoor events, grand opening and product launch events. Steel & plastic barricades are a strong, reliable method for outdoor applications that receive a steady flow of customers. These products interlock to keep the most die-hard fan in check. Not only are they designed for managing pedestrian traffic, but can also double for automobile & construction traffic as their weight, design, and locking ability can protect motorists too. The execution. Now here comes the hard part. What exactly do I need? How much do I need? Excellent question. OTI professionals provide the necessary expertise to develop a design, a solution, and implement it on your behalf. There are many online retailers that sell these types of line management products, but are they don’t understand the business like we do. You need guidance, we’ve got your answer. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just take an order and ship it. We strive to understand your needs and work hard to come up with the appropriate solution. We follow strict OSHA & ADA regulations. If local officials deem your equipment not in accordance with regulations, it can have a serious impact on your business. With a little due diligence, OTI can match you with the right manufacturer for these needs. Our trained staff of professionals is always here to give you guidance if needed and allow you to focus on other areas of your business. Running an efficient and streamlined public guidance policy is a win-win for your brand, your staff, and most importantly creates a rewarding experience with your customers.